About Us

The Cup Crusaders are a team of dedicated walkers started in 2005 as a team of 7. The team grew to over 50 each year that included mothers, daughters, sisters, spouses and friends, many survivors and both women AND several men.

Proudly one of the largest Boston teams since forming in 2005, we continue coming in each year with one of the largest fundraising totals. Over 400 individuals have walked as Cup Crusaders over the years and each “Cup” is a passionate, engaged and socially connected individual who believes we can bring about the changes we hope to see in the world, and we believe that defeating breast cancer should be a priority. Together, we have raised OVER $1.6 Million through individual letter writing campaigns and various community fundraising activities.  We are fortunate to have the tremendous support of so many wonderful organizations and individuals who know this disease must be defeated. We have lost far too many loved ones to this horrible disease, and we want it to stop.  We believe in a world without breast cancer, and we will NEVER GIVE UP…until a cure is found!

Team Captain

Kathy DiRusso

Since 2002, Kathy has been on a crusade to find a cure to breast cancer, by participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure events, walking 20 miles a day for 3 days. Kathy and the team she leads, The Cup Crusaders, have raised over $1.6 Million toward a cure, and are one of the top fundraising teams in the country.